Polish Women Record 2013

12-13 September 2013

For the fifth time running organises the Polish Women Record.

Again We are aiming for something big.

We have 2 planes available for this event which gives us 34 slots.

We already keep a bottle of champaign in the fridge to celebrate success.


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8 way speed sequential

22-23 August 2013

After the great success of this event last year We decided to do it again even in a more exciting form.

We name the captains then they choose their team members.

Each jump consists of two parts:

A. 8 way speed formation (build on the rules of 10 way speed stars) - build the formation as fast as you can (no contact on exit, figure will be chosen in a draw)

B. After completion we go for a star and build the figure again. Working time 50 seconds

Score: Number of figures built minus time of completion of a first 8way figure divided by 10 ( example: Figure was built in 17 sec, 3 figures built. Score: 1,3 points (3-17/10=3-1,7=1,3)

16 way sequential Fliteclub Challenge 2013 - by invitation only

5-6 July 2013

For the fourth time in a row - only for the best - 16way sequential FliteClub Challenge 2013. Challenging figures to build, only the best cameramen, professional debrief and presence of 34 top women skydivers on site doing their record jumps (Polish Women Record 2013)